Shopping Malls are closing – E Shopping Centers are opening


Today, we all understand the importance of electronic commerce much more profoundly. Due to the restrictions experienced, it was preferred to physically try to stay away from shopping malls and shop on the Internet. AVM ‘s intensity and the inability of customers to shop physically began to make itself felt for the first time and found the shutters have downloaded a shopping mall in Turkey. As the restriction process prolonged, it became a torture for tradesmen and brands to pay a high rental fee in the shopping mall and wait for customers in the empty shopping mall, and foreign brands even left our country.

The first exchange E-Commerce Site

They have taken their place in the market with a site that understands the change beforehand and can market its own e-commerce site, in short, its products and services, receive payments online, and establish customer relations over the Internet. A wide range of online shopping stores with a wide range of products from single-product sites of E-Commerce sites have emerged. The companies that have achieved huge turnovers not only with promotion but also active sales on the website now exceeded thousands.

E-Marketplace beginnings

Instead of shopping from a boutique or a single brand, people are looking for an area where they can compare products and services and research to get the best service at the most affordable price. These areas used to be shopping malls, and then they were made one by one and with long-lasting research on Google Search Engine. Gittigidiyor a pioneer in Turkey Trendyol, Hepsiburada is N11.Co and I was able to create an e-marketplace sites to sell their products to the domestic market many companies. Their international pioneers have been, Ebay and AliExpress. The trend goes so far that it is no longer in the domestic market that Turkish brands easily export via foreign E-Marketplaces and can market their one-to-one services and products abroad. As a result, the end consumer can examine the products offered by many stores on these platforms as before, and find the opportunity to compare the prices.

E-Marketplace era begins

When the first shopping malls were established, maybe nobody believed that there would be more than 200 shopping malls in Istanbul alone. However, the huge shopping malls established one after the other and the brands included in them meeting the intense demand and transforming these shopping malls into entertainment centers was seen as the trend of the rising economy. The fact that physical shopping is declining today and especially the Y and Z generations do their shopping intensively on the Internet shows that thousands of E-Shopping Centers and E-Marketplaces will open in the future.

E-AVM is the name given to an online shopping site that includes many brands from the same product group or contains different brands from many different product groups. While the brands are selling their services and products on these pages, they can share their profits with the site management in a small amount or rent a store with a monthly annual fee. The preference of these virtual stores, the costs of which are incredibly cheap compared to physical shopping malls, is a sign that many more E-AVMs will be opened soon.

As Mindfactory, we provide all the necessary infrastructure for our customers who want to establish an E-Shopping Center and create the E-Shopping Center they want. If you want to have your own E-AVM and a B2C and C2C sales platform, click the link below for details.

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