Attractive or Unattractive? Which one describes you?


Marketing yourself is one of the most important factors in order to be successful in Social Media and the marketing world. The first measurement for this is empathy and gaining sympathy. To achieve this, it is necessary to be attractive. So when you evaluate yourself, do you think you are more attractive or unattractive? You can make a self-criticism by looking at the definitions below and start working today to throw yourself a new format.

Characteristics of Attractive People

  • They are known for their self-discipline, compassion and courage.
  • They are stable and consistent; they do not contradict themselves.
  • They are at peace with themselves; but they always try to improve themselves.
  • They do not put the responsibility of their lives on others, they take it themselves.
  • They do not seek excuses and criminals.
  • They are well-kept and clean; they take care of their appearance and clothing.
  • Sitting and walking are upright.
  • They neither look down on anyone nor belittle themselves.
  • They have their own ideas; they defend and own them.
  • They do not feel obliged to participate in the views of the majority and keep up with them.
  • Diction and speeches are smooth.
  • They know how to approach events positively; they approach problems not based on complaints but seeking solutions.

Characteristics of Unattractive People

  • They are always depressive, complaining, depressed types.
  • They are not easily happy.
  • They always look for someone guilty.
  • They always have an obsession with either their looks, their careers, or their colleagues.
  • They wait for someone to come and make them happy.
  • They are focused on consumption rather than production.
  • They do not know how to appreciate and like.
  • They do not behave respectfully, they are selfish and egocentric.
  • Usually they do not have their own opinion, they suit the majority.
  • From time to time they can be rude, vulgar, crushing.
  • They cannot make easy decisions; because they are afraid of taking responsibility for their decisions.
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