Digital Reputation – How would you like to be remembered?


We strive to set goals and get somewhere throughout our life. While some of us are more fortunate, some of us can only come wherever they want by making incredible and extraordinary efforts. As everything costs, a successful reputation comes at a cost as well as failure.

Successful reputation is paid in advance and through difficult struggles, while the cost of failure is paid in installments over the years. Ultimately, we struggle to give a good image or leave a reputation. We only see the reflections of public figures on social media. This reflection we see creates a different effect for everyone, creating a common “moment” for the general public and the way we “commemorate” the person who shares it in the same way.

Excitements and goals change over time. A post that you find very logical and fun today, may regret it years later. In the ranking of importance, different values ​​come to the fore and our goals are determined again. This rule, which is valid for everyone, is shaped differently in each of us. Our lifelong struggle and the “picture in the minds of others” that we have created can be destroyed by a mistake, and can change with a positive effect you suddenly do not do anything for a lifetime. In the end, the thing you will be remembered can be your biggest success as well as your biggest defeat.

As an example outside of the virtual world, I can cite Mike Tyson, one of the most successful boxers ever. While he was thinking “at what second he will” knock-out “his opponent before every game he played, and while he was the most successful after a boxer like Mohammed Ali, two important events in his life have always made him remember differently. One is accused of rape and the other is a boxer named Evander Hollyfield biting his ear in a match. Of course, most people do not know the 30-year history of these events and what happened …

The Reputation of Our Children in Social Media

While protecting your own reputation, you are also responsible for your children’s reputation. Leaving aside the laws and the age restriction rules of social media accounts, which must be strictly regulated globally, as a parent, you are responsible for your children’s reputation on social media. Recently, a famous Anne tried to show how advanced and contemporary she is, perhaps by describing her daughter’s period. She wouldn’t have to violate personal rights and expose that girl’s “special” situation to be modern. Even worse, the boy’s reputation is now associated with it.

We should know well how we want to be remembered and how we don’t want to be remembered, and we should choose well. I think we should be careful when sharing, especially in the social media world, and avoid posts that could harm ourselves and others.

Protect the digital reputation of yourself and your environment!

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş

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