How to Find the Right Domain Name?


It is very important to choose your domain name correctly, which will decorate your site, determine your address and take your brand on a long-term adventure.

If you are wondering which domain name will suit you, we recommend that you consider the points listed below.

1. Domain length

The shorter the domain name, the better. Also, single words are much more understandable than compound words.

2. Does it sound nice?

We are not talking about your personal opinion when asking this. For example, “Is it understandable when heard on the radio?” You can question your domain name from a different angle by thinking.

3. .com / .net / TLD selection

Although we usually recommend the most common .com TLDs, there are over 1000 TLDs available today. So you can consider other alternatives that you can use in your project. Also, if we’re trading in Turkey, absolute .com domain name, we strongly recommend that you have.

At this point, we have a good news; Registration of domain names will begin very soon, without the need for trademark registration!

4. International meaning

While a domain name or brand name has a positive meaning in your country, it can have a negative meaning in another country’s language. For example, the name of a well-known coffee brand like Tchibo means ‘death’ in Japanese. If you want such a situation not to happen in your brand, we recommend that you do a good research beforehand.

5.Word meaning

The strong word meaning of some domain names can make it found faster in search engines. Although it doesn’t mean that it will always be, it will benefit you especially with a newly registered domain name.

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