E-AVM or E-Marketplace With C2C commerce type, you can set up an e-marketplace, an e-shopping mall, an e-market, an e-passage, an e-sector, an e-zone. There is no region or area restriction in this e-commerce model that you will establish. For example, you set up a shopping mall, there are 100 stores in it, you run some of them, you have rented some. In the E-AVM, you have no space restrictions, you can rent 100 shops, it is up to your skills in a thousand shops. On the other hand, there is no regional limitation. Think again, you own a shopping mall in the busiest point of Istanbul. There will not be too many people coming to the mall except those close to that area, you can market your e-shopping to the whole world since there is no zone limit in the e-shopping mall.

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E-Marketplace / E-AVM Service Scope

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