How to Choose a Hashtag? How To Find The Right Hashtag?


How to Choose a Hashtag? How to Find Right Hashtag?
What should be considered when choosing a hashtag or how should a hashtag be chosen?

The first goal is to directly reach the “common” audience

The purpose of using hashtags in social media posts is to indicate that a common message is shared directly with the same idea and a certain audience. For example, if an auto showroom sells cars, it chooses hashtags that can be common to audiences interested in cars. These can be hashtag selections such as: #car #car #tuning #cars #car #ikincielaraba. All of them are words associated with the search word “car” verbatim or because of the road.

The second goal is to reach an “interested” audience from the road.

It is possible to associate some audiences with each other. These must be distinguished very comprehensively and viewed from different sociological, demographic and psychological perspectives, weighed and selected. Common “interest groups” that can converge on many points should be selected from those closest to each other. What if we run a beauty center and want to reach an “interested” audience in sharing; #beauty #fashion #shoes #bags #lipstick #parfume; Some of the hashtags you see here have nothing to do with the beauty center but appeal to the same group. A woman who wants to have a beauty treatment is also interested in perfume or shoes. Care and Fashion are two sectors that are very close to each other as an example and allow you to reach an audience that may be “interested”.

The third goal is to reach a “daily and agenda-appropriate general audience”

Generally, certain hashtags are used by the majority every day. You can reach a wide audience on Mondays (and other days), for example, on #Monday (# Tuesday, etc.). There are also hashtags used all the time. Example: # love # rain # sun # summer # spring, # health # peace # happiness; If you want to reach a majority audience, you can create a wide-ranging impact with these daily use hashtags. I recommend that you try to avoid choices that are totally unrelated to your topic.

Fourth goal “special day” elections

There are special days celebrated in our country and around the world. These may be holidays, mother’s day – father’s day, national and religious days, as well as commercial or world-famous days. It is useful to create similar hashtags for these and use them on the day; # mothersday # fathersday #silvester #happynewyear #blackfriday etc.

General considerations in choosing hashtags

Generally, the more hashtags I use, the more circles I can reach. However, this is not always true. Each hashtag choice has a counter value. Using high penetration hashtags can still lead to high traffic. Likewise, low-traffic hashtags create the opposite. After the hashtag is selected, I recommend that you control it with your social media tool and determine how many times it has been shared so far. Half of the hashtags that you can choose a maximum of 28 have been selected 1000 times, the others may have been selected 100,000 times. There will be many chosen ones that will benefit you.

Your own choice of hashtags – customized hashtags

In addition, it will be useful to create your own must-know hashtags. With this choice, you can create your own audience and ensure continuity, especially to those who follow your posts and your account.

Selection of hashtags for raffle or joint advertising

You can generate a hashtag to be used for a sweepstakes or advertising purposes, and with this hashtag, you can have many people share for a short time. Example # togethergüzel # vodafonezamanı # haydikızlarokula vs. like.

Choosing hashtags in a nutshell

Hashtag is a tool. Its purpose is to attract people’s attention at a common point. If your images are related to hashtags, it will be more successful. You can create a penetration in search engines, as its propagation will be visible on hashtag sites even after months. Taking this into account, I recommend that you make your choices and use hashtags. Hashtags can increase your followers and likes if used correctly, and if you constantly use the same hashtags (for each post), your social media account may cause spam and therefore you can get a sandbox or ban. Choose hashtags that are proper and regular and suitable for your topic.

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