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Kobi Support Program has started!

Our support program for SMEs (all small and medium sized individual and corporate companies) has started! To benefit from our services, all you have to do is apply now!
What services does it cover?

It includes all of our services that will enable SMEs to use internet technologies that most need in the new world order and to do business on the internet. Some of these are as follows:
Corporate Web Site

If you want to build a new website for your company or have your first website, you can get it quickly with our A to Z service. We have domain name registration, web space – hosting operations, web interface design work and content management panel, and we carry out penetration and registration studies in search engines after the site is published.
E-commerce site

If you want to sell your services on the internet, you definitely need an e-commerce site that belongs to you. We provide shop and payment system integration, which has all the characteristics of a corporate website for you, plus you need to do e-commerce. Your site has SSL security certificate and we deliver it ready for sale.
Marketplace / Marketplace Site

We organize marketplace sites for those who think more professionally and want to provide services by bringing together many products or manufacturers. Either add your own 10-20-30 .. store or let others make sales on your site. All of them are possible with Mind Marketplace solutions.
Social media management

You already have a website and if there is no need for development, you should definitely put your social media management in the hands of professionals. We produce your content for you, do your visual work, and increase your audience by choosing the right hashtag. We make your daily posts regularly every week and manage your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube from one hand. In order to be successful in social media, we serve you with an additional 5-person team and provide consultancy.
If all of these are not enough for you, you can view our other services on our services page and benefit from them if needed.

Contact us to get an offer now, do not miss our 25% discount until October 31st!

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