Generate Leads Correctly – How to Get New Customers


What is a lead?

First to the basic knowledge; A lead is a request from a person or company on e.g. a service or a product from your offer. These leads (inquiries) are mainly generated through advertising and show the lively and public interest of a person in your offer.

How do you generate leads?

Leads are promoted through various tools on the Internet. U.a. Social media advertising and search engine advertising can be used to generate leads. On the one hand, it is important to reach the right clientele and, at the same time, to receive the required information. For example, telephone, email, location or dates of birth can be obtained via a lead. It is not the amount of information that is important here, but rather the class. If you try to get more information than you need, you can expect to generate fewer leads than expected.

You should consider the following factors in order to generate professional leads:

Address the right clientele

Make the right choices to promote your clientele. The more precisely you define your target group, the better results you will get back as leads. It is just as important to define your interests as it is to find the right timing for your application. Our professional team will be happy to show you how you can precisely define a target group.

Note the feedback time

You should definitely contact the incoming lead within 4 hours. With each delay, the request weakens and thus the customer’s interest. Excluded from this rule are times that are outside of your business hours. The best way to contact a lead that was generated at 9:00 p.m. is within 4 hours of the next morning. The same goes for weekends. Here too, of course, you have to differentiate by industry. If you are in the entertainment business or a hotel, restaurant offer reservation times may vary.

Knowledge is power

However, only applicable knowledge will give you power. Therefore, prepare well by checking your lead and gathering as much information as possible about your lead and its expectations.

Contact opportunities

If you have a standardized answer for everyone, it is advisable to contact your lead directly via mail marketing. If it is to be answered in a personalized way, we recommend that you contact us by telephone. From here on, it all comes down to the right sales pitch. Leads who do not react immediately to your first sales strategy can be collected in a pool for mail marketing. Because even after weeks and months it can still turn into a sale.

Finally, you should only produce as many leads as necessary. Responding late or not answering a lead is bad for brand and reputation. Leave it to the mass, which you can also edit.

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