How do I grow my brand on the Internet?


The details you need to consider and the importance of differentiation to grow your brand in the internet world.

Whether your brand is new or known, its growth will increase with the number of buyers. On the one hand, when buyers buy from you (rare buyers) for the first time, making them satisfied and getting them from you will turn them into loyal buyers. While your loyal customers are only 20%, the main target you should always target should be 80% rare buyers.

You offer a slightly different product or service in the same product or service range as the brands you compete with. Although it acts as a copy of each other in general, brands should be distinguished from them. To do this, two entities must be emphasized first; The first being is physical availability and the other is mental penetration.

Physical Penetration

Suppose you promote and market your product or service very well with advertisements on the Internet. However, the Brand value of a product / service without a buyer cannot grow. In order for it to grow, your product or service must be available. For example, if you have a website and sell products, you must ensure the physical availability of the same products. Many shop sites (for example Trendyol, GittiGidiyor, Amazon) offer you the opportunity. There are such formations in the service sector as well, we recommend you to research.

Mental Penetration

Marketers know what their distinctive brand assets (colors, logos, shades, fonts, etc.) are; they need to use and protect them. In addition, buyers need to know how they buy their own brands, when they think and realize the brand, and how the brand’s buyers overlap with their lives. In parallel with these facts, they need to manage the media and distribution. To create mental penetration, your brand must be kept in mind.

Being different

If you do what everyone does, buyers insist on choosing brands they know. By thinking of creative ideas and choosing the networks that will spread these ideas, you take the most important step! What makes you different allows you to choose between buyers instead of their current brand. In addition, consumers look for change and diversity. In short, you should focus on buyers who are more likely to buy.

To enter the repertoire

Buyers often create a brand repertoire on certain products. For example, shampoo is taken eight times a year on average. A choice is made between the common and satisfied repertoire. Eight times the same shampoo is not taken, and it is difficult to enter the satisfied repertoire. When you achieve this, you gain market share and you will enable the rare buyer to become a loyal buyer in a “repertoire” after a while. Do not forget that the frequency of buying the product and the variety of repertoire also grow jointly. For example, those who eat outside every day eat in many different places regardless of a brand (restaurant). Despite this, within a period of time, it remains within the framework of major visiting points. Repertoire does not, for example, show the same variety in clothing or automobiles. However, despite that, the user of the XY car brand could also get YZ a few years later. Often the opposite will also happen.

Steps to grow my brand

You should have the following consciousness at first; “No brand can expect 100% loyalty of the customer”. If you want to grow your brand, you should make people fall in love with your brand, not just the purchase. While branding, consider differentiation. Similar products and services can be many. You can highlight your feature that distinguishes you and try to grow on it. Just differentiating will add significant value to your customer and your brand in this way.

Advertising for Brand

Sales of a brand are similar to the height at which an airplane flies. Advertising expenditures are the fuel of this business. As long as there is fuel, everything is fine. If your fuel gets low and you don’t think about buying new fuel, the engine will stop after a while. And with it, the collapse finally begins. The bigger your brand is and the bigger it is, the more you need to spend on advertising. When preparing your ads, make sure that it delivers emotion and excitement. It should be like a very nice movie that you watched. If you really want quality, you should know that it has a price.

You should always consider the advertising works of your brand in the short, medium and long term. Fast demand in the short term; Let your advertising efforts be the biggest goal of marketing medium-term product service and long-term mental penting.

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