Nesin Concierge
Assistant to Your Digital World

What if you had an assistant who could access the information you seek in the digital world, independently audit the offers and services offered to you, and give you hands-on support?

With our Nesin Concierge service, we offer you a private consultancy service professionally with our customer relations specialists and one-on-one manager. Thanks to this service, you will be able to advance your work, which is included in any kind of digital world that you plan or implement, from planning to auditing, by consulting us. Contact us now for the first meeting and meet our Nesin Concierge service.


We research the digital world services and products you want for you, and we serve you by presenting reports. The IT solutions that you are looking for solutions or want to reach information about are researched professionally by us and delivered to you.


We test all your existing digital world services (your social media accounts, website, application) and share information about their quality. Likewise, we examine the offers offered to you and convey our opinion on whether they are suitable for market conditions, price and technical competence.


By putting your special software orders into practice for your international agreements, we can make the purchase for you and offer services as your solution partner.


Imagine that a 20-year-experienced team with full-fledged knowledge serves you whenever you want and provides you with information on the subject you want. With our Mind Concierge Assistant service, we are always with you and we are your solution.

Our services

Let’s take a look at what we can do for you. Is there anything else you need? Ask us and we will define a custom plan for you. All our customers will be specially supported. Projecting and action planning will be the first two steps of our work. Let’s work together.