Is Netflix a social media portal?


What is Social Media in general?

Social Media in general refers to internet communities consisting of “Social Networks or social associations” where mutual knowledge, ideas, experiences and ethics can be shared. An Internet site where the user can be both a publisher and a consumer. Thanks to Social Media, it has led to “democratization of information and its realization”. Everybody is uncensored (at first, there was no censorship restriction in any social media field, but later, censorship started to be applied; for example, content containing racism that is published on Youtube is deleted).

It is possible to roughly divide Social Media into three categories.

Communication Sites

Blog pages (example: Blogger), Microblog Sites (example: Twitter) and Social Networks (example: Facebook)

By creating a Profile, content known to people to share information, and that information or people can be followed, to be liked and shared.

Collaboration Sites

Wikipedia (Internet encyclopedia) (news on social media) (accommodation reviews)

Content sites that share information on one or more topics, organize the content together and thus grow. Users can share and share information with other users. For example, the site was established in Turkey in users can write articles and allows it to be shared with other users by sharing again. The news is not written from an organization, but from all users, and social reporting is created.

Multimedia Sites

Instagram (picture / video sharing) Flickr (picture sharing) Youtube (video sharing)

Especially the sites that store Multimedia contents and allow them to be watched, listened or viewed by others. Thanks to the Youtube site, many people have attracted the attention of others by shooting Music Videos (even if they are amateurish), reaching large followers and gaining worldwide fame by getting offers from Record companies. (Example: Justin Bieber).

So is Netflix a Social Media Site?

Netflix is ​​a “Video on Demand” structure. In short, it is the structure where you can access the content offered by a company organization at any time and pay a sample subscription fee for this. Netflix is ​​not a known social media site in this case.

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