Advertising Analysis Tool Facebook Analytics Will Be Removed By 30 June


Facebook itself advertisers; Facebook Business Suite redirects to Ads Manager and Event Manager. However, there is something forgotten, it was very easy to access all of the data via Facebook Analytics, download them as a single CSV file and get pivot analysis.

Under normal circumstances, it was very sad to not be able to integrate the Facebook ad panel with Google Analytics. Still, it was quite easy to interpret some of the data with the help of Facebook Analytics provided by Facebook. Conversion, clicks, views, time spent by users in ads, etc. We easily had the chance to compare access to many metrics such as. Other tools guided by Facebook can help us download and combine all of this data piece by piece.

There is of course a reason why Facebook made this update, but if it at least allows the integration of analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Yandex Metrika, it will be easier for many advertisers to interpret metrics. As you know, Facebook has been criticized for throwing a “shadow ban” on its Instagram account, which has many advertisements, recently. With this update, it seems to be the target of criticism again.

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