How Can Your Trade Continue If Social Media Is Restricted?


If Your Social Media Account Is Restricted or Closed, How Does Your Trade Continue?

If you have established all of your trade on social media and the social media channel or media you use goes to restrict or shut down, your great effort and effort may suddenly become dust. We know that by believing in the power of social media, you may have postponed making your website for a long time or you may have thought of not having it done at all.

Now it’s time to act

It is time to act quickly while your business is actively walking on social media networks and in communication with the audience you reach. While it is more possible for you to “direct” your audience to the website to be set up, after your social media account is restricted, you will be late for this and suffer a big loss.

Advantages of Owning a Website

As the owner of the website, you first of all show that you are “professional” in the eyes of your customers and followers, and that you value your work with extra care and value.

Having a website in the international market makes you professional and allows you to be considered. If you do not have a website, it is almost impossible to take it seriously.

You have a professional and personal e-mail address with your “company extension” and you have determined your institutionalization. Example:

By directing your current social media potential, enabling them to become members of your site, you can be in constant communication with your audience by making e-mail marketing. You can introduce your new services and products to your target audience at a very low cost.

You can display your information, services and products especially on your website and create unlimited content. You can present yourself with everything in your own and private place not on the same platform as your competitors.

Your social media accounts are the areas where you are tenants and if your website is originally registered, you will have an area where you can grow your business seriously.

First of all, you will not hurt your own trade and you will declare your independence from the restrictions and mistakes made by others.

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