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Social Media Consultancy is the social media management of individuals and organizations that covers our service from planning to implementation. We provide for the establishment, management and content production of new or existing social media accounts on behalf of our customers. For this, the project work is carried out, everything is planned in detail, and the images are produced and shared. The results planned and implemented for a successful social media management are measured and reported.

Being one person is not enough for successful social media management. For this reason, a team of five experts meets the social media management in each project. From projecting to graphic design; All studies, from the production of text content to mental and physical penetration, are carried out by the experts in the team.

We establish a close communication network with our customers and keep the communication strong for targeted results.

Details of the services covered


You meet our team. Our team of 5 experts includes a social media manager, graphic designer, art director, interface designer and editor. Together, we discuss the details of your project and organize an analysis to make the necessary research. You can always reach our team via WhatsApp group.


We organize a monthly program that we plan for you and present it to you with a weekly sharing plan. If you want to revise our project design file, which is submitted every week, revision work is carried out until the next day.


We are doing 60-80 visual studies within a month for each of our customers, whom we give Social Media Consultancy on average. These are images that describe your work, we both evaluate the photos from you and use licensed stock images.

Text Contents

We organize textual contents that describe your work and purpose. We organize these in coordination with you.

Hashtag Selection

The hashtags that are appropriate for the agenda and will carry your business forward are followed, selected and applied in your posts.

Our Weekly Cycle

• Analysis work will be done
• Project design file will be prepared
Broadcast channel selection will be held
• Graphic Visual selection will be made
• Text content selection will be prepared
• Hashtag selection will be made
• Project design file presentation will be delivered
• Revision work will be completed “as needed”
• Sharing will be made

Video work

If you wish, we offer video animation works once a week.

Web Site Content

We can prepare content so that you can keep your website’s blog content updated.


We present you the results of our monthly work in the form of a report. Together, we examine what further progress we need to make and plan for the next month.

Landingpage / Web Site

If deemed necessary, we design a Landingpage or website of your own. This service is also offered within the scope of Web Development.

Advertising works

We can organize your professional advertising work to use the power of social media. We plan advertising by determining the budget you can supply and spend.

Email Marketing Viral Loop

We create a viral loop to inform your customers in a cycle, to re-provide your site. However, we can do your e-mail marketing. We also offer this service within the scope of Digital Marketing service.


You can always ask our team what you want to know and wonder about through the WhatsApp Group we have created with you. We will have a friend who will always answer your questions as soon as possible.


You can get all your social media services from us in a professional one-stop shop. While you focus on your own business and the main thing, we manage your social media for you. With our result-oriented work, we create permanent results in the short, medium and long term – we increase the value of your brand.

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