What is a Lead?

Generally; A Lead is a request from a person or organization upon your product or service advertisement. In general, this request, which is caused by advertising work, clearly shows the interest of the person in your service.

How to create a Potential Lead?

It is possible to create requests through different internet channels. These could be social media pages or search engines, for example. The important thing is to appeal to the right audience and at the same time gather the necessary information. For example, with a Lead (Request Form), you can access information such as phone, e-mail, name, surname or date of birth. Quality is more important than the majority of the demands to be collected. If you try to collect more information than necessary with a Claimform, you will automatically get fewer claim form returns.

Our Service

We determine the audience you want to reach for you and ensure that your promotions reach. We ensure that the audience you want to reach provides you with feedback and contact information.

Creating leads for employees looking for employees
Creating a lead for a new customer
Creating leads for information requests
International lead generation
Creating a lead in a foreign language

We know no boundaries

As we can create leads in every country, it is possible to reach people who speak the language you want in your country. As an example, if you are looking for members who live in Turkey and speaks fluent German, you can reach us.

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