Suggestions on Internet and Social Media Use in Total Closure


It is expected that there will be an increase in internet and social media use during the full shutdown period due to Covid-19. This means that more attention should be paid to the protection of personal data.

The Personal Data Protection Authority has compiled what should be done to protect personal data while using social media and the internet, while shopping online.

The institution made the following recommendations to the citizens:

Update passwords that you haven’t changed in a long time.

Strong password means strong protection. Set strong passwords with numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters and at least 8 characters.

Do not share your passwords and passwords with anyone and keep them safe.

When shopping online, consider whether the site has the 3D Secure Payment method and SSL Certificate.

Check the site’s contact information.

Read the clarification text on the processing of your personal data.

Prefer to use virtual card information instead of physical card information during payment.

If possible, perform your transactions on your own devices.

Do not take applications that request personal data through fraudulent campaigns seriously.


Make sure that the link address of the website is correct.

Be wary of fraudulent links. Before clicking on a link, check the source of that link by querying it.

Confirm that the online invites are from their original source.

Do not rush while making your transactions over the internet.

Determine which information you will share with whom on social media.

Do not publicly share your information such as full address, phone number, e-mail address and date of birth.

Enable the two-factor authentication feature. This feature can help prevent malicious people from hijacking your account, even if they have compromised your password.

Stay away from posts that may be against the law.

E-mail security is also important for the security of your various accounts and memberships on the internet. Therefore, take care to take the necessary technical measures.

Do not open e-mails that you do not know the source of and are unsure of their security.

Do not use your personal e-mail address for corporate purposes and your corporate e-mail address for individual purposes.

Select account recovery options in case of loss of access.

Report phishing or spam when you receive an email that you think is suspicious for your personal data security.

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