Viral Loop – create a viral loop with your potential customers


What is the viral cycle?
Viral loop refers to other behavior after a lead has been created. The interested party earned through advertising is encouraged to attract the attention of others.

How is the viral loop applied to leads?
The easiest way is the bonus procedure. The potential customer you create will be encouraged to share for you in exchange for a bonus you post. For example, you can offer discounts or special sweepstakes. When you share your information again, a cycle begins that can continue to run until you stop it. To achieve a high frequency in the viral cycle, it is important that the starting peak number has a high frequency. The higher the initial outbreak, the higher the response of the viral cycle will be. Think of it like a virus epidemic. If most of them are initially infected, the virus spreads faster from person to person. The initial driving force for this should be planned with an increasing advertising budget. And then it should be evenly distributed. Viral will spread over time through more “free re-shares” until it disconnects at some point.

What do I need for an optimized viral cycle?
In order to be prepared in the best way and to get the best results from produced potential customers (or advertisements, campaigns), first of all, you must have your own website. This can represent your company’s website directly, or it can be a landing page created to generate leads. In any case, a pixel is placed on the website that will allow visitors to be reached via remarketing in the future. You should also identify a process that must be achieved from the beginning of the advertisement until the successful conclusion of a potential customer. Every step should be planned and automated as much as possible.

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