13 steps to combat comments


1. If a community or person shares a thesis on a topic against your opinion, it is because they defend a different idea. Find out what these ideas are and answer it.

2. Do not condemn bloggers and social media users who are looking for opportunities to uncover your mistakes; on the contrary, consider this as an advantage and correct your mistakes and shortcomings. After correcting, inform the other party.

3. Unfair accusations often cause reverberation that cannot be controlled by large masses. If you are subject to charges, do not participate in this echo as possible and do not show value. You throw firewood into the fire.

4. The old rules of crisis management are now outdated. Sometimes it may be more useful to ask your children at home what to do instead of the information you can learn from your lawyer or press consultant. It is necessary to remain pure and clean.

5. Establish one to one communication and try to get to the source of the shares. If possible, talk face-to-face, or try to communicate by phone verbally, if possible. If you are communicating in writing, pay attention to your words. Do not give the opportunity to write about you again.

6. Try to establish humane dialogue. Do not raise the tension unnecessarily by talking about Rights and Law.

7. Keep in touch using your Emotional Intelligence. It is difficult to reach somewhere with rational sentences.

8. The right and injustice felt is more valuable and valid than the Right given by law.

9. If you’re wrong about something, in short, apologize, sometimes it can work miracles.

10. Describe in detail the charges against you. The open spots then cause it to catch fire again.

11. If you are wrong with the other person or community, show them how to resolve and correct the issue.

12. If you can reach the source of the comments and you have no idea to solve the problem, get the idea from the other side. If it is not the opposite solution, tell them that you will implement it.

13. Never forget to be human and stay

If you use these rules, you will be successful in fighting comments. As a last resort, we recommend you to make legal applications if you are having uncomfortable and permanent problems. In the first place, of course, you can try the way of complaints offered by social media sites.

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